"We want to  transform the way people think about fast, convenient, and healthy cuisine.  We are Denise and Aubrie Evans, the passionate duo that founded Properly Fueled in order to create a place for our community to learn what it means to eat well."


Denise has always loved finding new and alternative ways to make whole foods delicious. As a mother, one of her favorite hobbies became reading cookbooks for inspiration. "I love to take classic recipes and give them my own signature twist." However, serving as the local Chiropractor in Bordentown for over two decades, Denise has always felt a void in healthy restaurant options for her patients. All of the restaurants seemed the same—a lack of focus on nutrition and convenience. One night she awoke from a dream with a clear vision and a name. After that she knew she needed to be the one to properly fuel her community with healthy fare.


As a blogger, adventurer, and part-time private chef,  Aubrie lives to find creative ways to inspire others to live an active and healthy lifestyle. "I loved using writing, photography, and design to share my experiences and motivate others." From a young age, Aubrie saw cooking not only as an important life skill, but also a great way to express her creativity. Denise taught Aubrie how to slice, steam, and sauté every ingredient imaginable, and the kitchen soon became a place for them to dedicate quality mother daughter bonding time. So when Denise shared her striking vision with her daughter, a partnership only seemed natural.

"In our local area no one was offering farm fresh ingredients for a fair price. No one was educating families about nutrition, and no one was offering the kind of delicious food that we love to cook at home. We decided to change that." 


Denise + Aubrie